Give today to help keep our community connected

Support our continuing work together, while we are physically apart

Give today to help keep our community connected image

Support our continuing work together, while we are physically apart

At Austin Clubhouse, we know that social connection is vital for everyone, especially those living with mental health diagnoses, and for the last ten years we have fostered this through our space at Austin Clubhouse. The necessary steps to combat the virus, social distancing and staying home, strikes at the heart of how the Clubhouse model has traditionally operated for more than 70 years.

For the safety of our members, we've closed our physical location for now. But we are committed to still being there to support all the members of our Clubhouse community in new and creative ways, every single day. The moment we were faced with closing our doors, we immediately began adapting all of our programs and how they are delivered to ensure that social distancing does not become social isolation.

Such a fundamental change to our way of life can’t be accomplished without help from our friends and neighbors. Any gift you can make today goes directly to furthering our innovative efforts to bring the power of a Clubhouse into this new reality we are all living in.

Your support in this time of great need will ensure that we are able to do this and then come back together from this, stronger than ever and ready for what's next.

Austin Clubhouse...

Gives adults with mental health diagnoses a place to belong

Is a community to be a part of something bigger and find acceptance

Provides opportunities to engage in meaningful work and build skills

Connects adults to employment, education, housing, and health resources

All of these life-changing services are available to all members free of charge thanks to generous supporters like YOU!

For donation inquiries, please contact Amber Goggia, Interim Executive Director | 512-925-5877

Please mail checks to:

Austin Clubhouse

P.O. Box 300568

Austin, TX 78703

You can also donate via PayPal here:

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