Give today to provide mental health supports to a neighbor

Give today to provide mental health supports to a neighbor image


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All adults living with mental health diagnoses can achieve optimal mental health when the right structure and help are available. You can ensure it's there for a Central Texas neighbor in need. Your support will provide the structure and tools members need to find and keep jobs, pursue education, sustain safe housing and live healthier lifestyles.

$240 - One month of Transitional Employment supports - More than 300 members have gotten to work with the help provided by Clubhouse Employment programs. This donation covers the cost of supporting a six-month transitional employment position at an Austin business partner, for most, it's their first job ever.

$120 - Full day of services for one member - Connect a member with the full range of services offered daily at Austin Clubhouse. From nutritious meals and community activities to employment supports and one-on-one assistance, your help is greatly needed and appreciated.

$60 - One month of Social Events - Covers the cost of a Thursday evening or weekend social event with food, fun and fellowship. Making the community available outside normal business hours allows members who are in school or working to maintain connection to their friends.

$30 - One week of Health and Wellness activities - Give a member complete access to our Whole Health and Wellness Programs that connect members with numerous daily wellness opportunities such as yoga, qigong and health topic discussions, as well as help to maintain our organic garden.

$10 - Healthy meals for three members - Provide three members with a fresh, healthy and nutritious lunch. We cook together using whole foods that nourish the body and teach and encourage healthy lifestyle choices when folks go home.

Thank you for your generosity!